9Mobile MoreStatus

MoreStatus service is an SMS based service that enables subscribers send a text based status message to a calling party and also the recipient of the call.

The status message could be promoting/advertising your business or marketing your product as well as communicating a personal mood/sharing a personal feeling. This text-based messages pops-up on the caller ’s screen in an easy-to-read non-intrusive mode.

The message will be pushed by the content manager automatically either during or after a voice call. The service comes in a monthly/weekly/daily packages with an allocated number of status updates.


MoreStatus service allows its users to advertise/promote their businesses as well as market their products in a less expensive but in a highly effective way to the public.

It allows subscribers to communicate their personal mood/share their feelings and customize what their callers see when they call them even before hearing their voice and also what they see.

It’s an addictive service which has a multiplying marketing effect because its exposed to all on-net callers who are also potential subscribers.


The user can set any form of messages as his/her status

Please see some examples of status messages below: