Learning & Empowerment

Learning/re-learning & Youth Empowerment cannot be over-emphasized.

As service provider that recognizes the potential overbearing advantage of these, we have positioned ourselves as a citadel in this space by providing educating and self-advancing content services for Men, Women and the Youths alike. We have partnership with Learning Impact & Mobile Academy to deliver serialized learning content leading to recognized certifications.

The following are some of our exciting services in this category:


Smart Lady aims to empower women by educating them on how to be successful entrepreneurs whilst also balancing their role as women the society. It’s a subscription service which offers a unique journey for each unique subscriber.

To Subscribe to this service:

  1. Etisalat - text SMART to 8444
  2. MTN - text SMART to 55340

This service which is anchored by Learning Impact (a certified learning institute in Nigeria) offers subscribers a unique learning experience and flexibility with area of study. Subscribers can select desired course of study, difficulty level and request for more content which will be pushed to them via WAP links. Tests and certifications are provided at the end of each course. Areas covered include Finance, Business studies, Leadership, Customer Service, Personal Effectiveness, Parenting, Sales & Marketing, Communication Skill, People Management & Entrepreneurship

To Subscribe to this service:

  1. MTN - text ML to 55340